Born in Inglewood, CA in the 90s, making his way through the LA Riots, the Patriot Act, Immigration Raids, College, Punk Rock, and eventually Standup Comedy, Dorian Vasquez's sense of humor can be a tad dark. Once during the Charm City Comedy Festival in Baltimore, a man exclaimed, "DAMN! YOU ARE HARD! CORE!"

After taking advice from comedian Stewart Huff, "If you're not willing to drive three hours for five minutes, you probably don't really want to do this," Dorian spent the last five years of his comedy career honing, performing, and driving. Thus far, he's gone through a Mitsubishi, a Toyota, and TWO Kias for comedy; that is dedication!

Now based out of Philadelphia, PA, he is the founder and producer of Max Capacity Comedy, Freehouse Comedy, and First Friday Comedy. Dorian has performed across the US and Canada, working with nationally touring acts, like Chad Daniels, Aries Spears, and Dan Cummins. He’s performed on festivals like the Cleveland Comedy Festival, Gilda’s LaughFest, and the Burbank Comedy Festival.  His standup shots have been featured on The Chive and has been a guest on a a number of podcasts including American Immigrant, and Let the Hate Flow Through.